8Bit Mixtape NEO -Workshop


August 11


07:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Common Ground

Weisestr 24

Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 12049

The 8Bit Mixtape NEO is a lo-fi 8Bit synthesizer based on the Arduino-compatible ATTINY85, featuring 2 Pots, 2 Buttons and 8 adressable RGB Neo-pixels. The key feature of the new 8Bit Mixtape is the easiness of uploading new codes using an audio communication protocol, means just playing a .wav sound file from your computer/smart phone.. A specific bootloader (TinyAudioBoot) has to be installed on the chip to be able to do so.

Only a little bit of soldering is needed and you then can start programming your own sounds, noises and 8bit tunes. Generating a sound on an 8bit chip, like the ATTINY is very easy, you can start with simple square waves and later on go to more interesting algorithmic sounds using the famous one-liners introduced in the demo-scene by viznut.


(includes materials to build the kit)

€85 normal price
€59 for students and artists

Maximum 10 participants

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The 8Bit Mixtape has been developed over the years in collaboration with many geeks, programmers, synth-freaks all over the globe, from Switzerland to Indonesia!

The PCB was designed by dusjagr aka Marcjono aka Marc Dusseiller, using elements of design by Escher Tsai, Lab by Dimensionplus TW.

Thanks to Budi Prakosa and Christoph Haberer for main contributions to the code!