Modular Synthesizer and Computers – Crossing Borders


February 23


03:00 pm - 05:00 pm

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beats, clock, modular synthesizer, trigger, workshops


Common Ground


Common Ground

Weisestr. 24

Berlin, Germany, 12049


In this last episode number 4 of our modular synthesis workshop series we will talk about the possibilities to connect a modular synthesizer to a computer. This means not only exchanging audio informations but vastly extending the features of a modular system. You will learn about modular synthesis software as well as additional devices needed.


Experiences: you should have a basic understanding about synthesis, maybe you visited our synthesis workshops with Evelyn or earlier episodes of the modular synthesis workshops? Do you use Ableton Live Suite (with Max for Live installed!) ? Bring your computer, you’ll get a lot of useful tips.


Students will be refunded 5 € on the spot if they bring their student ID.

Note: Please let us know if you can’t make it max. 24 hours before the workshop, otherwise, we can’t reimburse you.