Introduction to Max For Live #4 of 4: Writing your first M4L Sampler


December 15


12:30 pm - 03:30 pm

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Common Ground

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Common Ground

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Berlin, Germany, 12049

15. 12. 2018 – Introduction to Max For Live #4 of 4: Writing your first M4L Sampler

Introduction to Max For Live is a four-course workshop series to give you an in-depth overview of using the famous software. In the course of a few weeks, you will learn how to create a MIDI device, an audio effect device, an FM synthesizer and a sample player. Each participant can only attend one or two workshops, but we highly encourage you to complete all four workshops in order to get a full Max For Live experience.

The final fourth workshop will be about learning the basics of Max and how to mangle samples while building a Sample Player you can take with you. We will start with Max For Live from scratch and quickly move on and build a Sampler that can be played via MIDI, and loops and filters samples.

Max is a visual programming language that connects sound, graphics and more. Based on a concept similar to modular synthesizers Max is relatively easy to learn and equally suitable for both small and complex projects. Max For Live works within Ableton Live and hugely extends Live’s possibilities.

Read more about Max and Max For Live at


  • Your own computer with an authorized copy of Max and Ableton Live. Win or Mac.
    If you have only Max (without Live) you can still participate, just let us know in advance so we can take it into account during class.
    If you have only a demo of Max/Live running you could still participate and learn but won’t be able to save your patches (you’ll get a copy of the device we built for future use at the end).
  • No prior knowledge of Max or programming is required. A certain familiarity with Live would be helpful (except you are working with Max only).
  • Please bring a pair of headphones.

About the teacher:

Peter Votava has been using and teaching Max for 20 years. As well as being an experienced Max instructor, he is active as a producer, performer and DJ uncompromising electronic music since 1991 with his projects Pure, Current 909and a few more. He grew up in Vienna and successfully escaped to Berlin. He holds a Master degree in Computer Music from the University of Plymouth (UK).

Note: Please let us know if you can’t make it max. 24 hours before the workshop, otherwise, we can’t reimburse you.