What We Offer

Open Electronics Workspace

Rent a desk in our shared space to work in on your own electronics projects or a DIY Kit purchased from our shop. Work in a collaborative environment with other engineers, innovators and artists. Have access to our Fabrication Laboratory complete with metalworking tools and CNC machine. Our team is also happy to assist you in completing your vision. Or come by one of our workshops ranging from instrument design to a music industry crash course.

Synthesizer and Kit Shop
Purchase kits from Arduino, Befaco, Bastl and other manufacturers. You can even build them here at Common Ground anytime or during a specialized workshop. Also available are new and used synthesizers, drum machines, effects and other electronic musical devices all in top condition.

A Place to Hangout
Most importantly, Common Ground offers a place for community building from all different types of people involved in every corner of the music and electronics world. Come by to meet and chat with new people all while enjoying your favourite schnapps or coffee.