Razmasyth – Unknown Pleasures

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When the metal pads are pressed, the human body and the modular synthesizer interface to become a part of the circuitry to vary tonal response. Also, sound oscillations are converted to Tension and provide a CV Output from 0V to 3.7V. Unknown Pleasures is based on an antique op-Amp from the Soviet Era and sound response can vary depending on the NOS MAA501 and the user. 

How does its work?

When the Master pad is connected via user body to another pad or ground from the Modular synth, the device produce sounds! Master pad is represented by the 3 striped pads, the other pads correspond to others pins of the antique integrated circuit.


  • Audio Jack OUT

  • CV Jack OUT

  • 10P Eurorack bus connector

  • 20ma power draw (+/-12V)

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Depth: 6hp

  • Skiff Friendly


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The Razmasynth ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is an Analog Tactile Noise Generator module that uses finger contact to produce sounds from Low Frequency Oscillations to High Frequency Noise.