Playtronica – TouchMe

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TouchMe turns touch into sound using computer, internet and human body. Perfect as an electronic music instrument for children or any playful soul! TouchMe is a MIDI-controller for work with music software and online synths.

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From the time of the Renaissance, human touch was a symbol of  transfer of divine energy, a power given to the mankind for the creation of the world.

Sound gave people the opportunity to touch objects at a distance. With the help of sound waves, mankind studies distant galaxies and macro elements, further expanding knowledge.

Our device combines the experience of physical touch and sound. Simple technology makes it possible to hear the limits of human sensitivity.


Our device measures the resistance between contacts and converts it into a set of notes in the chosen scale. Connected to the computer, TouchMe sends MIDI signals that are recognized by online-synthesizers and computer programs.


We collected best tools we found. Or Choose a synth from in Chrome browser and you’re good to go!



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