Gieskes – Oscillatoscope2b DIY Kit

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Converts CV and Audio Signals into video (VGA) and Audio.



Assembling Instructions


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You can turn CV or audio into VGA visuals with this new Oscillatoscope 2b creation by Gijs Gieskes. It gives you VGA visuals (and audio) from CV and audio. Gijs explains that “it works by changing the frequency of oscillators that are synced to a VGA sync generator. The signal that is generated is output as audio on a mini jack connector, and as video on the VGA connector.”



  • cv in for R,G,B pitch (starve)
  • high gain audio in for R,G,B pitch (starve)
  • cv in for sync horizontal
  • cv in for sync vertical
  • VGA out 640×480 60hz (actual resolution is that of the screen itself, because it is a analog signal)
  • power in +)- 7.5v DC


  • audio out
  • vertical sync out
  • USB 5v out (only for use with VGA to HDMI converter)