Meng Qi DU-KRPLS DIY Full Kit

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DU-KRPLS explores and exploits errors in code, achieving non-linearity in control and circuit-bent-esque sounds. We’ve prepared a full DIY kit including all the parts!

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Out of stock

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Circuit-Bent Digital Waveguide™ 扰动数字波导

In a general sense DU-KRPLS excels in glitches and micro-movements with millions of sweet spots. Circuit bent sounds are achieved with literally using wrong code.

CV inputs accept 0-5v.

TYPE and TRIG expect trigger inputs.

When a CV input jack is inserted, the knob on the left become an attenuator for the input signal.

DECAY control is very sensitive. Most of the time, keep it fully counterclockwise or fully clockwise.

Holding the button during powering up would quantize pitch to D Major Pentatonic scale.




8 HP

Depth: 35 mm

+12v: 35 mA

-12v: 5mA

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