Maestro Synthesizer


Rare Soviet polyphonic synth in good condition with minimal cosmetic wear.


Keyboard electronic musical instrument (KEMI) “Maestro” is a portable polyphonic four-voiced synthesizer with microprocessor control (KR-580) & programmed timbres “presets”. Number of presets- 20. There is possibility to get vibrato frequency with depth & frequency control. This instrument includes “chorus” effect with depth control, filter with cut-off frequency & resonance control. There are also “arpeggio-tremolo” arrangement with speed control and joystick that pitch shifts & vibrato depth controls.

Out of stock

Out of stock


  • Mains voltage 220V
  • Power consumption 25W
  • Range of operating tempererature 15-35 C
  • Relative oscillator drift over four hours is within +- 0.3
  • Sound range overlaped by oscillators- 43,6 Hz- 5274
  • Voices in unison-4
  • Dynamic range, <55 db
  • Weight- 15kg