LZX Industries – Cadet VII Processor DIY PCB & Frontpanel


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Cadet VII Processor is a simple wide bandwidth voltage processor and 2 channel mixer with limitless applications. PCB & Frontpanel.

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  • Horizontal Sync Pulse, Vertical Sync Pulse, and Frame Clock outputs accessible from frontpanel.
  • NTSC/480i and PAL/576i timing modes.
  • Synchronization to an external video source through Video/Sync In. Buffered pass-through of external video signal.
  • 14-pin video sync distribution header output on rear, to transmit video sync to other modules in the system.
  • Buffered distribution of Horizontal Sync Pulse and Vertical Sync Pulse outs to the EuroRack power header CV/Gate bus.



 Width, 4HP
 Mounting Depth, 0mm
 Power +12V @ 0mA
 Power -12V @ 0mA