LZX Industries – Cadet I Sync Generator DIY PCB & Frontpanel


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Cadet I Sync Generator (C1) generates the master timing signals required for your modular video synthesizer in both NTSC and PAL formats. PCB & Frontpanel.

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C1 includes a 14-pin video sync output header which transmits timing information to other modules, such as Cadet II RGB Encoder, or Cadet IV Ramp Generator. It can also synchronize its timing, and consequently that of your entire video synthesizer, to an external video source.


  • Horizontal Sync Pulse, Vertical Sync Pulse, and Frame Clock outputs accessible from frontpanel.
  • NTSC/480i and PAL/576i timing modes.
  • Synchronization to an external video source through Video/Sync In. Buffered pass-through of external video signal.
  • 14-pin video sync distribution header output on rear, to transmit video sync to other modules in the system.
  • Buffered distribution of Horizontal Sync Pulse and Vertical Sync Pulse outs to the EuroRack power header CV/Gate bus.



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