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Spring reverb module including a spring tank.

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Electronically generated audio will usually sound starkly different to acoustically generated sound. This is more-often-than-not a desirable thing, but there are times when you might want to bring the “depth” of an acoustic environment back into your mix.

The obvious difference between acoustic and synthesised sounds is that acoustic instruments have resonators, and exist in reverberant spaces. One way to add depth to an electronic sound is to somehow simulate the characteristics of a space, and mix this with the original signal.

Reverberation can be defined as the sum of all the reflections created from an initial sound source within a space, at a point within that space, over time.

To simulate this effect we can pass a sound through a spring with two transducers at either end. As the sound propagates it will cause the spring to expand and contract, creating a series of reflections that are picked up by the transducers (along with the original sound). This creates a simulation of reverberation with (in the case of spring of the reverb) a characteristic and classic colour.


Two audio inputs. Both CV controlled plus slider control.

  • “IN1” is routed both to “DRY” mix and reverb tank input.
  • “IN2” Goes only to the reverb tank.

Two outputs

  • “WET” comes straight from reverb tank.
  • “MIX” is the mix of DRY signal and the output of reverb tank. It has CV control

This configuration allows to feedback “WET” signal back to the module via “IN2” either a straight feedback of passing through other modules before coming back to IN2.
Like this, with MIX control we never loose our original signal, controlling the amount of reverb and feedback on the mix.

It features a high pass filter at the input of the  tank to control the tone of the reverberations and an eventual saturation of the spring when we are doing a feedback.

There is a built-in Vu-meter at “WET” output to visualize level and eventual saturation of the signal.


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8 HP / 47mm Depth.
51mA +12V / 34mA – 12V Power consumption
Reverb Tank: 8BB2C1A

Reverb Tank Included