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Second version of Befaco’s Crush delay. An echo-delay unit based on PT2399 that specializes in generating digital garbage and noise!

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This unit has been improved greatly from first version and signal routing has been changed to improve performance possibilities.

Crush Delay v2 has two VCAs that will control the amount of signal that is sent to the delay. First input routed to dry/wet and delay and second one directly to delay. With this second input and Send output we can do external feedback routings (See block diagram below)

The biggest improvement has been made to the control of PT2399 itself, applying circuit bending techniques. It has an improved and extended speed control, getting a wider range on Crush area as well as a smoother control, converting this unit into a VC digital garbage generator!

It includes three gate controlled switches that enables three bends to the chip, providing an even greater variety of digital noise, glitches and nasty mayhem!

Of course, crush Delay v2 can be used as an echo-delay unit with around 400 ms clean delay time. and up to 2 seconds of dirty delay.

Features VC feedback with an automatic gain control to keep levels stable at any feedback level.

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