BASTL Instruments – CV Trinity Expander DIY Kit


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The CV Trinity Expander adds 6 trigger inputs – one for each channel to the CV Trinity from Bastl Instruments.

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For LFO and AUTOMATION these work as individual reset inputs and for ADSR they act as re-trigger. Please note: it doesn’t work without the CV Trinity Eurorack module!

Assembly difficulty: easy


  • 6 trigger input expander for the CV Trinity Eurorack module
  • channel independent reset inputs for LFO and Automation mode
  • channel independent re-trigger inputs for ADSR mode


  • Complete assembly guide – PDF
  • Bill of Materials – Googledocs
  • Schematics – PDF
  • Board diagram – PDF
  • User manual – PDF


  • 2HP
  • powered from the CV Trinity module

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