Anglerfish – Common Ground DIY Kit

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Anglerfish is a 6 square oscillator noise and dronemaker for experimental and drony sounds! Use the light controls with the built-in LED or use an external torch to modulate the pitch! Drone on! This DIY Kit is suitable for beginner solderers. Anglerfish is the first self-released DIY Kit by Common Ground, designed by Bridget Ferrill.

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Out of stock

The Pitch of each oscillator is determined by corresponding potentiometers and the three switches between the oscillators open up light-sensitive connections between adjacent pots. This means both oscillators’ pitches will bend according to the amount of light the photocells receive (LED’s indicate strength of current flowing between the pots) The Tone pot controls a shelf EQ on the master output, with cutoff frequency at 482 HZ and the dangling LED is there for you to use to play the light-sensitive circuit. Adjust the brightness of the LED with the pot next to it. DRONE/KEYS switch chooses between either all 6 voices playing constantly or voices playing only when activated with key. Use 9V center positive PSU.

More information:

Anglerfish User Manual / Build Guide

Anglerfish Frontpanel Layout (vectorized)