Our Machines

Machines are here to help us.

Our machines are our friends, they save us a bunch of time when making projects, time we can spend on other things. Let our machines work for you and book time on your device of choice.

The Machineroom will be available for guests from November 1st 2016!

Come by our shop for pricing and advice!

Metalwork and Prototyping

CNC Mill

Create your own prototypes with our CNC Mill.

3D Printer

3D Print your own designs.


Heavy duty drill press for all your drill press needs.

Soldering Oven

Easily make SMD board prototypes with our soldering oven.

Pick & Place Machine

Place SMD components accurately.

Vacuum Forming Machine

Make plastic molds of your designs and duplicate them easily!

CD Copier

Professional CD Copier for all your duplication needs.





And more machines to come!
Come by in November took book your time!

Our machineroom will be set up very soon

please get in touch to ask us about the possibilities for your project!

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